The City of Woburn Massachusetts has many different private and government organizations concerned with preserving, celebrating and promoting  its history and historical assets. This website serves as a locator guide by describing each of these organizations and  provides contact information. In addition several websites with historical records  are also described here. This page can be useful  to  those looking to attend or participate in historical theme activities   If you are exploring  the history of  property, people  etc. this page also has suggested strategies & resources. 
    Woburn Historical Society
Private The  largest and most active of all these organizations. The WHS conducts a wide range of monthly  lectures, programs and events on local history including  award winning video productions. Subcommittees consist of Genealogy, Sports History, Veterans Oral History, Early Photography and others.  
Their website  has links  to various historical records and images as well as maps, and an archive of their past programs.
The  Board of Directors  meets monthly at their new headquarters at 7 Mishawum Rd.
Monthly programs at  Woburn Memorial High  School 88 Montvale Ave or other locations are open to the public usually at no charge.

 (781) 287-0260  (voice mail)

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 Woburn Historical Commission

Government NOT a historical society but a 7 member city board appointed by the mayor. They protect individual historic sites & buildings. If you are planning to move, demolish,  or make major exterior renovations to a building over 75 years old, their approval maybe required since this board is charged with applying the City's Demolition Review Ordinance.
The Commission is in the process of publishing  an inventory of the City's historic sites, houses, and  other historically important buildings.
If you are interested in exploring the history of your house or doing property research on your own, you might contact them. ...... MORE
Office: Top Floor City Hal 10  Common St.
Office not normally staffed
Public hours by appt.
  ( voice mail)
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      Woburn Historical District                     Commission
Government This  7 member  city board appointed by the mayor,  reviews clusters of buildings and neighborhoods that are historically important. Upon review  this board can suggest historical district classification to an area. This board also encourages  maintenance and improvement of  settings, and appropriate  new building designs compatible with the existing architecture.  No staffed office
Meets monthly at City Hall, usually  Weds at 6 pm.
Meeting notices are posted on the City's on line Calendar and the Meeting Notice board in City Hall.

To contact the Districts Commission, please call Secretary Kathy Lucero at 781-935-1492 or
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     Rumford Association
Count Rumford Birth Place
Private Birth place & Museum of Benjamin Thompson AKA Count Rumford , world famous 18th century scientist, inventor, military officer, and founder of The Royal Institute. . Volunteers serve as tour  guides. This building is on National Register. Four rooms with displays and models of Thompson's experiments on heat. Antique artifacts and a library of Rumford subjects. Pretty backyard garden  sometimes rented out for wedding parties etc. Located at 90 Elm St  No.  Woburn.
Public Hours : 1:00PM - 4:30PM weekends & by appointment. Weekend hours suspended during winter months.
tel - 781-933-4976
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     Thompson Library
Government Originally founded as a neighborhood library, by a private donor, the City took over ownership some years back.One room historic building no longer used as a library but now offered as a meeting room for community groups. This city owned building is somewhat under-used and the City welcomes more activities here. If your group is looking for a meeting place you might contact them.. Thompson Mem. Library
Elm St
Woburn, MA 01801
John Paladino
       Woburn Public Library
*Private The City's major library, the building itself is an HR Richardson gem built in 1879.  Large indexed archive of newspapers. photograph collection, vital records (prior to 1900). Rare books, Civil War  and other artifacts stored in upstairs archive. Archive materials by request only. If you are conducting a  genealogy search start here with "Woburn Record of Births, Deaths, and Marriages".  The library  also conducts lecture series & tours and provides pamphlets on house and genealogy research methods..  Woburn Public Library
45 Pleasant St.


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       City  Clerk's Office

Government Vital records after 1900. The records are not available in a public manner for inspection. The staff in the Office of the City Clerk will search the records and obtain copies If you are not certain whether or not a record is on file in the Office of the Woburn City Clerk, a search can be conducted. For any births or deaths prior to 1900 and marriages prior to 1890, you may consult the "Woburn Record of Births, Deaths, and Marriages". available for public inspection at the Woburn Public Library.   ....MORE

City Clerk 's Office
Woburn City Hall
10 Common Street, Woburn, MA  01801

Hours: Mon– Wed
 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
 Thurs: 9:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m  Friday: 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

Tel: (781) 897-5850
Fax: (781) 932-4455
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  Woburn / Charlestown Militia
Private Minuteman re-enacting group with official recognition. Participates in colonial era events and marches, including Pathway of the Patriots celebration.. Great fun open to those who are serious about authenticity.  Drills weekly in full uniforms Sunday mornings at Tarkey School lot on Russell St West Woburn. Come see us, take photos,  ask questions. Contact Capt Tom Coots

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      Woburn / Charlestown
       Living History Guild
Private Civilian (non-military)  re-enacting group. Participates in colonial era events and marches. Great fun open to individuals and families who are serious about authenticity.   Contact
Darlene Wigton

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   Middlesex Canal Association
Private Dedicated to preservation and promotion of the Middlesex Canal, parts of which run through Woburn. Museum is located in Billerica, but  canal can still be seen around the Baldwin mansion  and Kiwanis Park.  Group currently working to create bike way , wooden bridges, and  plantings on  the old canal bed in Woburn. Click for E-Mail

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        Baldwin Association
Private The Baldwin Association was named after Middlesex Canal builder Loammi Baldwin. This group was merged into the Middlesex  Canal Association
            Woburn Maps
Website only
The premier site for map images. This site contains many  topic specific  maps of Woburn, including  cemetery maps and a complete set of VINTAGE MAPS. The later are indexed map images of Woburn  from 1640 to present time. Look up by street name, business names, or physical location. A  hard copy Atlas of these same vintage images can be found in the ref dept of the Woburn Public Library. Click for Website

      Woburn City Directories

Website only

For those researching the history of real estate and business ownership and information about those who lived at specific addresses in Woburn, The City Directories are an excellent source of information. Here you will find the names and addresses of the head of households, their occupations, their spouses, and other information. The data covers the years 1868 - 1937. The data has been indexed by last name and year, and features easy to use navigation. City  directories appear on the website and elsewhere, but this site is more complete than any other and offers indices, others do not.

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Website only Great site for Woburn genealogy. Contains very detailed information on founding families,  city cemeteries, gravestone images, internment records.  Covers all  vets from earliest times  1640 to early 19th century. Has  a very nice site search engine. Website donated by private citizen. Click for Website
City Veterans Office  Webpage              Government The City of Woburn's Veterans Affairs Office has some historic data on US  conflicts.with  lists of all Woburn Veterans serving  in all wars including Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish American War, WW I, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf conflicts.. These records are  viewable on their  Web Page List of soldiers killed in action - All Conflicts
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List of Deceased Vets and where buried
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List of  Vets in WW 2
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         The Grave Group
Private The grave group was established to document the locations of old graves in the city's First & second burial grounds. Their work is recorded in the Ye Olde Woburn website .  
Woburn  Cemetery Commission
Government Retains records of burials for the City's cemeteries. Website has maps and interment records for Woodbrook Cemetery. Click Commission Website

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